“On Capitalist Art & Aquaculture”

Yay, I love updating my website in one sitting! This one goes back to May 2023, where Drunk Monkeys (! love them !) published one of my pop culture poems (which as you will see I have been leaning into this year). “On Capitalist Art & Aquaculture” considers the connections between perhaps the world’s worst billionaire, Limp Bizkit, M&M’s, Robert Durst’s pathetically bad wigs and more! Read it here on Drunk Monkeys.

Writing this piece was a lot like “Be My (Forever) Valentine” in that it plays on sound, with the poem moving itself forward between ideas that have a topical connection and/or rhyme. I think this form/style works really well for a poem reflecting on how we’re all swirling around in a nonsensical abyss (yay!).