Hello, I’m Katherine Shehadeh. I am a Miami-based writer & artist.

You’re probably here because you saw something I wrote/made and wanted to see more, or maybe you were thinking what in the #*$!% was that about. Either way, welcome.

You can find more information about what I am working on or the details and links to some of my published/exhibited pieces by clicking the portfolio/news tab. If you feel inclined to write me a note, please do “make contact.” Fair warning: hate mail may be used for inspiration, published as-is or sent to your employer, guardian or other confidant (kidding! (or am I?)).

When not writing, I am spending time with my family, including my two children and furthering my education in creative writing and religious & cultural studies. Many of my pieces are directly influenced by these adventures. I’m interested in exploration of interconnectedness, humanity and the universe, as well as human rights and social justice-related issues. You may find that a lot of my writing is centered on these themes.


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Photo by Camille Orgel