Hello, I’m Katherine Shehadeh. I am a Miami-based writer.

You’re probably here because you read something I wrote and wanted to read more, or maybe you were thinking what in the #*$!% did I just read. Either way, welcome.

You can find more information about what I am working on or the details and links to some of my published pieces by clicking the portfolio/news tab. If you feel inclined to write me a note, please do “make contact.” Fair warning: hate mail may be used for inspiration, published as-is or sent to your mother.

When not writing, I am spending time with my family, including my two young children and pursuing degrees in Creative Writing & Religious Studies. Many of my pieces are directly influenced by these adventures. I’m interested in exploration of the interconnection of nature, humanity, religion and our place in the universe, as well as human rights and social justice-related issues. You will probably find that a lot of my writing is centered on these themes.


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Photo by Camille Orgel